Review: Fortuna Sworn, by K.J. Sutton

Fortuna Sworn started with an interesting order of events in the first two chapters. Instead of the common ways action -> world building during action -> more action or world building on a regular day -> action, K.J. Sutton chose for action with little world building -> regular day with more world building -> LOOOOTSS OF ACTION. I liked that. It was refreshing.

I started this book with no expectations because I prefer going in blindly. It was already visible in the first chapter that Fortuna Sworn is a badass as she kicked some goblin’s asses and escaped certain death. After getting a lead on the whereabouts of her brother Damon, who has been missing for two years, Fortuna does everything she can to bring him back. But has she risked too much by doing so?

After a few chapters, I noticed that this book is dark. Really dark. Fortuna Sworn includes slavery, possible Stockholm Syndrome, graphic violence and a seriously toxic relationship. The graphic scenes mainly happen at the begining of the book, so if you really want to read the book but aren’t a fan of graphic scenes I recommend pushing through.

Fortuna Rising actually had some major ACOTAR vibes. So if you’re looking for books similar to ACOTAR and don’t mind a darker twist, DING DING this is your book! K.J. Sutton has created a special world with so many interesting characters (especially Collith and Laurie). I can’t wait to start in the next book: Restless Slumber!

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P.S. Check out this amazing fanart of Fortuna and Collith by Salome Totladze! (morgana0anagrom on Instagram)

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