Review: As Much as I Ever Could, by Brandy Woods Snow

“I hate him for having that power, but I hate myself most for wanting more- more of his time, more of his attention, more of him.”

I’m very grateful for receiving an eARC of this book. This did not affect my review. Brandy Woods Snow earned these 5 stars because of the amazing story she created.

CJ is the main character of As Much As I Ever Could. After she survived the car accident that killed her mother and sister, CJ hasn’t been able to get behind the steering wheel again and drive a car. She has been drowning in guilt and pushing away everybody around her. When her therapist suggested going away for a while, CJ’s father was happy to oblige and send her off to her grandmother in Edisto.

The moment CJ arrives in Edisto, she immediately gets acquainted with Gin, Bo and Jett. Against her expectations, the wall around CJ begins to crumble, especially when she’s around the hot racing champion Jett Ramsey. Jett starts helping CJ to get her driving again and as they grow closer, Jett becomes distracted. But being distracted on the racing circuit is dangerous…

I’ve never been this hooked on a contemporary book without any fantasy elements. The emotional rollercoaster. Damn. This book made me laugh, feel wholesome and even cry like a baby. The characters have so much depth and it’s really hard to not feel for them. They have been through a lot and those events shaped a lot of their traits. That made them real and easy to connect to.

Read this book. You won’t regret it. It only takes a few hours and it’s definitely worth it. I usually prefer fantasy, but the emotional rollercoaster of As Much As I Ever Could was so intense that it made me feel more than a lot of fantasy books.

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