The Frost Eater, by Carol Beth Anderson

Release date: January 28th, 2020   
First of all, I thank the author for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book! I absolutely DEVOURED it despite having exams.
Nora is a 17 year old frost eater (woops, excuse me, ice lyster*) and is next in line for the throne. Her father, the king, is an honorable man and Nora and her father love each other dearly. During a tour, Nora meets Krey, an ice and feather lyster. Nora invites him with her to the palace, so he can get an apprenticeship with master lysters, and more importantly, become her friend. Krey agrees with an ulterior motive of his own. He wants to save his girlfriend Zeisha, whom Krey believes was kidnapped.
The world and its magic system were very well written. Not everyone has powers, and the powers only work after people eat certain types of fuel. Ash eaters have to eat ash before they can create fire, feather lysters have to eat feathers to be able to fly, and healers have to drink blood of Anyarian animals before they can heal injuries. The fuel doesn’t replace regular food. It was unique and I haven’t found a similar magic system yet. Everything was explained very clearly.
Despite this being a very different world, I found myself connecting with the characters. Their reactions to several events and reveals are logical to me and match with their age. And the book mentions needing to pee and having periods and needing tampons! I never noticed how much I miss these little things when reading other books, until I read The Frost Eater.
And most importantly, THE BOOK HAS DRAGONS
Carol Beth Anderson, please hurry up with the second book because I needed it like a week ago. (And please keep mentioning Ovruns muscles because I really enjoy imagining them)